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Daily Gratitudes with Andrea

Hello and welcome to our daily Gratitude/ Simple Pleasure Post 👋👋👋

Its Thursday 8th of August 2019 and Day 372, of us trying to rewire our brain 🧠, to see 🤪 things differently.

Did you know its scientifically👨🔬👩🔬 proven that 21 days of finding things to be grateful for each day, no matter how small can change your mood and improve wellbeing!🥰 So join us today and give it a try, it could be, being grateful for your favourite cup for your morning cuppa ☕, or your car to get you from A – B🚙. It could be that youve had a chat with your best friend 👭or that the sun is shining🌞

Whatever it is, share it with us. And here is the thing, even if today isnt a great day 😔, try and join in even with ‘I managed to brush my teeth today!!’
We are here to support each other and maybe we can turn something round for you…😘😘😘

So this is my third post, (How you have done this everyday Suzanne, I do not know!!!😯)
My first post was easy, I had an idea and it flowed – It was based on Memories. 😊
My second post, well, I was having a bad week and it was hard 🥺, trying to be upbeat and finding things to be grateful for wasn’t easy, however the best bit for me was being honest with you all and the support you all gave as ever, was fabulous..Thank you…❤❤❤

So here is today’s post, I guess we will see how I do!!! 🤣🤣

Its about, being excited!!! 🥳🥳

Tomorrow, in the words of Cliff Richards🎤
🎵 We’re all going on a, Summer Holiday🎵 (be honest, how many of you sang that?)

💇‍♂️💇‍♂️💇‍♂️💇‍♀️💇‍♀️We have all had haircuts this week,
🥽🚿🧹🧼🧽I’ve tidied, cleaned, washed, bleached, thrown out, organised and got the house sorted, ready for…..
💑 🏠 🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐶🐶Our house/animal sitters who arrive tonight
🚘 the car has been cleaned inside and out, and screenwash/oil checked!
💅my friend 👭 is coming later, to do Elizabeth and my nails (🤔 Think I have decided what I’m having done!!)
🏸🔫🎣🎯🥏🏏I’ve got bags of outdoor games (including water soakers and water ballons, yes we have planned a water fight! I may regret it but hey!!!)
💰indoor games (Cluedo, Scrabble, packs of cards, Pass the Pigs and Monopoly 🤔 Wonder who will flip the board?)
💉💊medication and
🧳 👗🧦👙👚👕👖clothes all over my kitchen! But it is holiday preparation and
I am excited!! 🥳😁😁😁

So we leave tomorrow at 11am🕚 (🤣🤣🤣🤣 Well thats my plan!! 3 kids and a husband to organise, wish me luck!!)

🚗🚙We are taking 2 cars and we’ve split
our journey, just so we can take it easier..

🧭🛣 We are leaving the north east and heading to Gloucester, were staying overnight in a hotel 🌃 and then on Saturday were heading to Torquay🏖, via Glastonbury🔮! (It is my holiday treat and I am really looking forward to it,😁😁 my bank manager 👨💼might not like me by the end of the visit mind😂😂!!!!!!)

🥳🥳I am excited🥳🥳

And here’s the thing, at this point, 3 kids 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♂️🙋‍♂️become 4🙋‍♀️! For the first time in our 10 year relationship one of my step daughters is joining us 😯.
My 3 are looking forward to getting to know her more, 😊 we have met, but she’s never joined us for an overnight stay, never mind a holiday before.. I am looking forward to her being with us, I’m looking forward to getting to know her. ☺

BUT I’m also TERRIFIED 🥺too. She has had her head filled with lies and rubbish, she has been made to think, by her Mum, that I’m a mixture of Cruella Deville/All of Disneys wicked step Mums and throw in a bit of the wicked witch of the west! 👹🧟‍♀️ .
We have no idea why she’s agreed now, 🤷‍♀️ when in previous years her and her older sister have said no. 🚫
It could be that her older sister is now at University,🤔 it could be that she knows I stopped Oli going into care🤔. Whatever it is, I have to see this as a positive step forward☺️.

And I am excited about it… 🥳🤗❤

Weve been looking forward to our holiday for weeks,🌝🌑🗓
Elizabeth has made a play list for the car,🎶🎚 its currently over 6 hours!😯
A total mix from the last 50 years of music!
This is a positive, ✅it means she is looking forward to the journey and the holiday!

It means she’s excited!🥳

Elizabeth, Will and me LOVE ❤ long journeys🚘, we have always laughed 😂😂😂and sang 🎤🎤🎤and it is the start of an adventure… 🧭🌍🛣 Mis-pronouncing towns and cities had us all laughing😂, Derby (DArby a great debate in the car!!!) 🤔 and the question 5 years ago of “why does Peter wear a bra” for Peterbrough 👙🤔😂 are the ones I remember most, the great Costa (other brands available) Strawberries and Cream Frostino, spill as we left the services (it went all over the passenger side of the car! Thankfully I had baby wipes in the car..)Total disaster, but we laughed it off…😂😂😂.

It is excitement.🥳😁😁

Both of the boys have downloaded movies to watch on various electrical devices during the trip 📱🎥! We have already had the question of “Are we starting with a Costa?”🥤, its a start of the journey treat. Elizabeth and Will are looking forward to Teletubbie services near Bristol…🛣

It is all Excitement. 🥳

It has changed the atmosphere in the house ☺️ having something to plan for, something to look forward to. 📅🗓
It’s a bit like a constant Gratitude post…☺😁 It has been the source of great comfort for us all. ❤❤

My gorgeous girl, is actually looking forward to leaving her sanctuary.
She is excited to go on holiday… 🥳😁
It’s another step forward for her. ❤
I know she will have wobbles and plans will be changed, but for a week, she is in a different sanctuary and I am hoping it’s a positive step for her again. 🚶‍♀️
Take into consideration, this is the girl who couldn’t leave the house, who’s missed so much school, who had no friends, who only just existed.😔
This year alone, she has had more time in school than in any of the 4 year’s before! She’s sat her GCSEs, went to Prom, had a friend sleepover and is now looking forward to a holiday! 🥰🥰

💜💜💜💜For those of you who see no hope, no future, its there, you have just got to stick in there..💜💜💜💜

So here is my question for you today.🤔

What are you looking forward to? 😁

Are you excited🥳 about anything? 🤔

If not, is there something you can you do, so you have something to look forward too?🤔

It could be a day trip, a holiday, a coffee with a friend, walking the dog, reading a book with a nice glass of wine, a soak in a bubble bath with a book and a glass of something chilled? 🎭🎢🎠🚄✈🛳🚘☕👭🚶‍♀️🚶‍♂️🐕📖🛁📖🍷 Try and plan something and make it an occassion. 🥂

Having this holiday to look forward to has certainly changed how Ive been feeling…😞😁 Even if it has stressed me out, 🤯 I’ve had something to aim for…🌅

Even if you plan a movie night, 🎥 plan the popcorn 🍿and the snacks🍫🥨.
Or get a new type of biscuit to dunk in your cuppa🍪☕
It can help change your mindset….🧠

And just incase anyone has missed what Im feeling at the moment…..

🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳 I am so excited! (Did you sing that too? 😂) 🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳

Hope I’ve managed to make you smile ☺😁 and you all have a good Thursday behind the screen buddies. 👭👫👬👋
Sending love and hugs to you all ❤❤

***Lovely Admin, could you please make this an announcement and could someone do the the tags for me please? 😘😘😘

19th July 2019
Hello Everyone and welcome to our Daily Gratitude Post.
(Sorry for posting late – I’m completely lost with days and dates this week!)

So, we offer daily posts to show ourselves and others that even on the darkest days, there are things to be grateful/thankful for, from a hot cuppa of coffee/tea to the sun shining/or the lovely cool rain.
Science has proven that acknowledgement is a way of reprogramming the brain into seeing things differently. Making our lives better.

I’ll be honest todays post, isnt as easy as the first I put my name down for.  Lots of reasons, Life is a roller coaster isnt it? 🎢
I did have a post all typed out, but I’m not feeling that today!

So, as with all our journeys  sometimes you have to wing it so, I’ll wing it today!

This month, weve had lots of change!
Elizabeth has finished her GCSEs and can officially say, she is no longer a school pupil! I did a happy dance!! – This time last year, I didnt think she would actually make it!
But it did, and as I thought may happen, she has changed. She has lost the edginess, her mood did improve! She attended her Prom.. Again that was one of the things I didnt think would be possible, neither did she.
And now shes excited to start college!!
Goals are possible, to those of you who are wondering like I did last year, keep holding on, keep fighting, keep talking to us, there is hope! I promise ❤

But with all roller coasters, you climb and things seem great, then the downhill hits and you end up spiralling into darkness again. That has happened. 🎢
But the darkness this time, isnt as dark! 🌒

With the help of this wonderful group, my own darkness doesnt seem as scary. Sometimes my friends dont understand the battle of Mental Health. The battles with schools.

Today I’m riding the Roller Coaster of Parenting Mental Health!  And in then lyrics of Ronan Keating, “Life is a Rollercoster, Just got to ride it”!!!
I think it’s probably the most scary ride I’ve ever ridden. But I’m riding it with a fabulous bunch of behind the screen friends…

I hope your Thursday isnt dark. I hope you can see some light… ❤❤❤

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