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We know how hard lockdown is on you and your family, and we want to support you and your mental health with some simple, creative sessions to help you make sense of your emotions in a safe, fun way.

8 weeks of fun, creative ways to identify, understand and release your emotions - for free!

Each week, a qualified counsellor from Creative Counsellors will bring you a 1 hour video session to help you understand and ease your emotions.

Using cheap and easy to find materials - like paper, pens and glitter (we love a bit of glitter!) we'll give you some ways to understand and express how you're feeling.

You can do it on your own, with your child, or create with us in the PMH Facebook group. But that hour, just for you, could be exactly what your mind and body need. And if you're worried that you're not creative - it's ok - everyone is naturally creative. We'll tap into how it feels and manifests for YOU.

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